Amjad Siddiqi is a noted Pakistani businessman living in Riyadh-Saudi Arabia who is paralyzed waist down and is confined to wheelchair. Despite his limitations due to the physical challenges, limitations and difficulties, he has been able to achieve which able-bodied people only can dream about it.

He suffered a car accident and became paralyzed waist down (Paraplegic) on the fateful day of 25 December 1981. But he never lost hope and didn’t allow his disabilities to come on his way. He tried and struggled hard to lead a normal life. Though discouraged by friends and relatives and abandoned by many of his close associates, he continued to remain focused on his aims and ambitions. Today despite all odds stacked against him, he is now a successful businessman in Riyadh-Saudi Arabia. Amjad Siddiqi is the proud owner of the several companies around the World:

Amjad Siddiqi is the first ever Pakistani handicapped in the Middle East and South Asia who has visited 52 countries around the world all alone on wheel chair. During 1986-87 he set out on a mission which was a challenge known as “Wheelchair Man on His Mission". His mission was to visit Rehabilitation Centers (who are searching cure for spinal cord), research on the life of handicapped around the world and share the information's to live a better & productive life with this disability. He was honored as Hero and was awarded and considered one in a million individual. He was the first in Middle East and Asia who was selected for EFS (Electrical Functional Stimulator) that enabled him to take few walking steps.

He has always offered his person for experiments and research around the world, In 1987 he was the first person in Middle East, Central Europe, Far East, and South Asia, who has under-went a five hour very complicated operation performed by German American Specialist Doctors, resulted in unusual implantation of AMS sphincter and Hydro flex and as a result his permanent impotence was cured, This surgery was the first of its kind which was telecast live all around the Medical Centers and Hospitals. It was a historical moment when he became father of a baby boy as a result.

In September 1989, he was the first Paraplegic who has started walking with newly built device Para- walker.

In 1992 after termination of his Bank service due to Saudlization he started his own business from scratch in 1993. Today he is the Chairman of three manufacturing industries and two trading companies in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, which he is managing successfully. It has been a long and painful journey of 30 years of hard work and dedication.

Amjad Siddiqi feels that now was the time to give back to his people. For this purpose he has undertaken several welfare projects for the benefit of his fellow countrymen here in Saudi Arabia as well as back home in Pakistan. Pakistan Embassy in Saudi Arabia have also witnessed that he has been in forefront on any call for welfare work for the Pakistani community in Saudi Arabia. Beside these, he has engaged with other friends in several welfare projects working in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Amjad Siddiqi is proud being a patriotic Pakistani and he loves Pakistan. During his stay in Saudi Arabia he has always made sure to remit funds to Pakistan. Just two years back, despite bad law and order situation and power outage situation, he has started a Bottles Manufacturing Project (Migo International) in Sunder Industrial Estate Lahore which is now under production. His second project for Economical Plastic Risen Manufacturing industry is now under construction which will be the first of its kind Project in Pakistan.

Amjad Siddiqi is a role model for every disabled person. He has proved that life does not end when you become physically disabled and that disability in fact is not inability to do things. He has proved that a physically disabled person can lead a normal life; he or she can drive, work, marry and produce children. As such he has been a source of inspiration to may especially disabled persons. April 4, 1986 was a historical occasion for him as it was on this day that he participated in outdoor sports. On this memorable day he participated in a 21 Kilometer race with 22,000 other normal persons. However, he was the only one on wheels in this race. This initiative was widely acclaimed.

Amjad mentioned. He narrated many anecdotes from his life after he got disabled including indifference shown by his family and friends. “However I did not lose hope and continued to have faith in myself. Today I am able to do everything that an able-bodied person can”, he proudly remarked.

Amjad Siddiqi is quite active socially and in the business circles of Saudi Arabia. He is executive committee member of Pakistan Investors Forum. He always favors, advocates and supports both Pakistani and Saudi businessman to invest in Pakistan.


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