About Amjad Siddiqi

Amjad Siddiqi

The title of Hero has been covered in the media for dozens of TV interviews. For the treatment of this disease, he presented himself for research around the world, an attempt was also made to get him to walk again with the help of the electrical stimulator and stem cells in 1987, but the experiment failed. In 1992 for the first time, he walked a few steps with the device Para Walker and since then he has had more than 30 surgeries until now in which many of times it was a matter of life and death, as a result of them his impotency was cured, and he got married. In 1997, Amjad Siddiqui became a father and Later on went to have another child in 2001.

Whenever humanity faced dangers and needed help, Amjad Siddiqui generously helped, working for the welfare of the people as much as possible while living in the red zone in gulf war.

In 1993, after giving up his bank job, he started his own business from scratch, he started by selling towels store to store all on his wheelchair, he then started importing from his home country Pakistan. By the grace of Allah, he developed a full fledge import and export business where he imported millions of tons of Rice and other commodities from Pakistan and China and distributed them all around the gulf region.

In the 2005 earthquake, he fulfilled his responsibilities for the emergency and for their resettlement. Together with a group of friends, He is among the founders and executive members of MAP welfare trust which is operating free clinics and dialysis centers in 6 cities of Pakistan where more than 300,000 patients were treated only last year i.e., 2021.He has also signed a will to donate his body parts to the needy people after his death.

He has built 2 modern state of the art Dialysis Centers in Lahore, Pakistan with the latest equipment, where patients are treated 100 percent free of cost, There is no charge for any medicine It is free for the needy people.

Amjad Siddiqui started setting up manufacturing facilities in Pakistan in the crisis situation of 2008, despite the worst possible conditions of the economy and law and order, he invested tens of millions of rupees in Pakistan and encouraged businessmen from foreign countries to invest and brought them to Pakistan. He started giving intensive lectures in universities, colleges, government, and private institutions. He has received numerous awards, trophies, shields, and honours. Apart from Sitara Pakistan, Saudi Arabia has made him a hero and for the first time a Pakistani Mr. Amjad Siddiqi was given the honor and award by the Pioneer and Talented Forum Saudi Arabia. Amjad Siddiqui has written a unique and motivational book "Dard Ka Safar" in the context of his struggle, which has received great acceptance from readers. Which is a ray of light for desperate people to live a successful life. Due to the success, popularity and love received by the book, this book has now been translated into the English language, and hopefully will be translated into Arabic and other important languages. Recently a Bollywood producer expressed the desire to have a feature film made after his life. Amjad Siddiqui is the first Pakistani to offer to pay his share of IMF debt of his country.

Amjad Siddiqui's entire life is full of thrilling events, experiences, adventures, and stories of determination. According to international observers, Alhamdulillah, he is one in the world. Although he was offered citizenship from several countries, he did not accept it. All the prominent columnists of the country, including Javed Chaudhry, are making him and his book the subject of their columns now a days. Recognizing him as a sign of courage for his services despite his disability.