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Geo Amjad

Live Once, Live for Others

Amjad Siddiqi's dedication to humanitarian causes shines through his multifaceted initiatives. Whether offering financial aid during crises or participating in medical research through experimental surgeries, his efforts know no bounds. Through the MAP Welfare Trust, he has erected free clinics and cutting-edge dialysis centers across Pakistan, providing essential healthcare to over 300,000 patients yearly. Moreover, his commitment to inclusivity is evident in the support extended to individuals with disabilities, shaping a more compassionate and accessible society.

Welfare Services and Counselling

He is also a very keen social worker and has so far extended financial support of about Rs.100 million to the needy people in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and different parts of the world. He has arranged and donated more than Rs.25 million during natural calamities like earthquakes and floods etc. in Pakistan. Furthermore, in 1993-94 he was the head Financial Institutions where he arranged to donate millions of Riyals to fund welfare hospitals.


He has volunteered to several hospitals and research centers around the world for experimental surgeries to find a cure for millions of people with spinal cord injuries. So far, he has volunteered for more than 30 surgeries during several of which, his life was at risk. He has remained part of testing phases of several new inventions, devices and technologies in medical science which were introduced to the public afterwards. Millions of people around the world are benefiting from these innovations, and recently because of one of these implantations he remained hospitalized for most of the last 18 months due to the implant being infected. He has also signed a will to donate his body parts to the needy people after his death.

Family Healthcare Services

He is among the founders and executive members of MAP welfare trust which is operating free clinics and dialysis centers along with other friends in 6 cities of Pakistan where more than 300,000 patients were treated yearly.

Dialysis Center

He has built two modern Dialysis Center with latest equipment and technology opened for kidney failure patients in Lahore Where patients are treated 100 percent free of cost There is no charge for any medicine It is absolutely free for the needy people.

Paraplegic Advisory Service

Paraplegia often involves loss of sensation (of pain, temperature, vibration, and position) as well as loss of motion. It may also include paralysis of the bladder and bowel. Paraplegia may be caused by injury to or disease of the lower spinal cord or peripheral nerves or by such brain disorders as cerebral palsy.

We provide advisory service on Paraplegia.

Quadriplegic Advisory Service

Quadriplegia is a symptom of paralysis that affects all a person's limbs and body from the neck down. The most common cause of quadriplegia is an injury to the spinal cord in your neck, but it can also happen with medical conditions.

We provide advisory service on Quadriplegia.